Mission Statement
Ideario Sagardoy Abogados

Sagardoy Abogados is one of a kind. There are many responsibilities associated with being part of this firm, such as our responsibility as jurists to society (courts, labour authorities, clients, lawyers, academia and public opinion). As a result, the firm has sought to promote certain basic ideas (Our vision), described below, which summarize our approach to the professional services we provide:

  • I. As lawyers, our aim is to provide legal advice to our clients, contributing our entire spectrum of professional knowledge, personal endeavour and objectivity.
  • II. Client satisfaction is our guarantee of professional success and the key to our continued market leadership. Consequently, our professional services must meet the highest standards of excellence and quality and be delivered speedily and efficiently.
  • III. In addition, our fees must be reasonable and fair, commensurate with the service provided.
  • IV. We are responsible towards our clients, our colleagues and the legal community. Our professional conduct has a bearing on the image of our firm.
  • V. The equitable economic participation of our professionals in the firm's results is a key aspect of the firm and has to be a key growth driver for SAGARDOY ABOGADOS.
  • VI. The personal qualities of the firm"s professionals, together with their technical and legal independence and their continuous training also characterize SAGARDOY ABOGADOS.
  • VII. The firm and its professionals must promote our "brand" concept through their presence and active involvement in all legal forums (at both a national and international level), as well as fostering a sense of group belonging. (Sagardoy Abogados).
  • VIII. The firm's professionals must encourage fresh thinking, allowing us to increase the range of services offered by Sagardoy Abogados.
  • IX. The firm's professionals must share professional information, promote cooperation between colleagues and do their utmost to foment harmonious relations between them and the other members of the firm.
  • X. All of the firm's professionals are equal and must encourage, in a climate of respect, the exchange of information and contributions of a technical and legal nature.